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Ashley Trainer
Ben Browning
Betsy Bolan
Brett Clouser
Dave Ball
Elizabeth Kim
Erik Cardona
Jaison Robinson
John Fincher
Kelly Sharbaugh
Laura Morett
Marisa Calihan
Mick Trimming
Mike Borassi
Monica Padilla
Natalie White
Russell Hantz
Russell Swan
Shannon Waters
Team Foa Foa
Team Galu
Yasmin Giles
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Dave Ball
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Elizabeth Kim
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Ashley Trainer
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Congratulations to Dave, Elizabeth and Ashley!

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Voted Off
Who Got Voted Off Survivor?

Unfortunately, we can't all be winners, so the voted off castaway for Week 5 (October 15, 2009) is Ashley Trainer.

Congratulations to her for her moments in the Survivor spotlight, and best wishes to her always!

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Season 19 Castaway of the Season:
Natalie White photo
Natalie White
Votes this Season: 3
Survival Factor Rating: 6.81

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Survival Factor Leaders:
The Hottie:
Natalie White 10.0 factoring 3 Votes
The Shadow:
Elizabeth Kim 9.0 factoring 0 Votes
The Weasel:
Natalie White 8.5 factoring 3 Votes
The Jock:
Elizabeth Kim 9.5 factoring 0 Votes
The Guru:
Elizabeth Kim 9.5 factoring 0 Votes
The Schemer:
Elizabeth Kim 8.5 factoring 0 Votes
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Elizabeth Kim
close-up of Elizabeth Kim
Elizabeth Kim
Votes this Season: 0
Survival Factor Rating: 8.81

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Why is Elizabeth Still On The Island?

Sex Appeal




Physical Skills

In The Shadows

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Survivor Season 19, Episode 5 Thursday, October 15, 2009 "Walking on Thin Ice" The tribes participate in a challenge that requires them to eat unusual food items, such as sea-slug guts, and a torrential rainstorm leaves everyone wet and cold. At tribal council, another castaway is voted out of the game.

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Welcome to Survivor Season 19:
Every season they introduce a new set of characters and every season human nature remains the same. Welcome to Survivor on where we like to follow "the Leader", watch "the Weasel" and burn our eyes into "the Hottie."

Got an opinion? Let us know about it. After this many seasons, there is one thing for sure: this is one Reality TV show that really knows how to "Survive". Okay, that pun was bad; but you get the picture. Enjoy the show!

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The Survivor - Season 19 Top 22 includes Brett Clouser, Dave Ball, Elizabeth Kim, Erik Cardona, Jaison Robinson, John Fincher, Kelly Sharbaugh, Laura Morett, Mick Trimming, Monica Padilla, Natalie White, Russell Hantz, Russell Swan, Shannon Waters, Team Foa Foa, Team Galu, Ashley Trainer, Ben Browning, Betsy Bolan, Marisa Calihan, Mike Borassi and Yasmin Giles.

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