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Team Foa Foa
Team: Elizabeth Kim
Elizabeth Kim wasn?t born in this country, but that is not stopping her from living the American dream. A self-described ?social butterfly,? Elizabeth sees herself as an ?outgoing people person" who is opinionated and passionate about life. She admits that this behavior often leads to her being blunt with others and putting her foot in her mouth, and that her biggest challenge will be ?being assertive without being abrasive.?
Team: Jaison Robinson
Both physically and mentally prepared for the game of SURVIVOR, Jaison is a very educated 28-year-old, who is currently working on his law degree from the University of Chicago. Even though he plans to use positive elements such as strength and intellect to win, he will not hesitate to betray others if it wins him the title of Sole Survivor.
Team: Mick Trimming
Smart, funny, charming and a doctor, Mick is every single woman?s dream and every single man?s nightmare. In addition to his desire to pay off student loans, he hopes to buy a vacuum cleaner with the winnings.
Team: Natalie White
Natalie White is your typical Southern Belle, but she is definitely not afraid to get her hands dirty.?I?m literally so competitive and scrappy that I don?t care if I have to dive on the ground and get bruised and scraped up, I?ll do it. I?ll do it to win.
Team: Russell Hantz
Russell Hantz?s personality speaks for itself when he proudly displays a missing tooth that he refuses to fix!A huge SURVIVOR fan, this self-made man built his business from scratch by working hard, speaking his mind and stepping on anyone who got in his way.
Team: Ashley Trainer
Ashley describes herself as funny, outgoing and flirty, with an emphasis on flirty. A competitive salesperson, Ashley has no qualms about selling items that she hates as long as it helps her reach her quota. She hopes that her ?get it done? attitude will win her the title of Sole Survivor.
Team: Ben Browning
A bar manager, Ben is often seen with a girl on each arm and boldly claims he?s never been rejected. Described by friends as ?a big hillbilly who will be rich someday,? Ben intends to leave his mark on the game of SURVIVOR.
Team: Betsy Bolan
Betsy Bolan dreamed of being a cop her entire life and at age 47 finally turned that dream into a reality. After going through a wild time in her youth, this former hippie has now been clean and sober for 21 years. She feels her skills as a cop will help her stand up to the possible jerks and alpha-males she could run into during SURVIVOR.
Team: Marisa Calihan
Marisa Calihan is no stranger to surviving off the land. This 1st generation Appalachian was born on a farm in Ohio and learned many of her survival skills from her father. Resourceful and creative, Marisa believes she has what it takes to persevere and become the sole SURVIVOR.
Team: Mike Borassi
This California transplant, originally from New York, will do or say anything to become the next SURVIVOR. After a career as a college football coach at Boston University in the 1970?s and over 30 years in the food industry, he currently works as a personal chef.
Team Galu
Team: Brett Clouser
After graduating with a degree in Business Administration, Clouser first decided to go the corporate route, only to find his passions were elsewhere. When he?s not operating his clothing company, Brett can be found in his element, the great outdoors. His charm and competitive nature will make him a dynamic player and force to be reckoned with on SURVIVOR.
Team: Dave Ball
"Danger" Dave Ball grew up in a family full of preachers but don't be fooled because he is not your typical "son of a preacher man." After spending 10 years on the road, this journeyman says, "I've never been terribly concerned with money. I've always been more interested in making my life a rich experience. Having said that, I can do anything for a million dollars because that will set me up for life."
Team: Erik Cardona
A proud womanizer, Erik claims that he can date four to five women at the same time without any issues. He feels that his father?s example has provided him with tools that will help him win this game and he is self-motivated by his competitive nature and desire to prove to himself that he has what it takes to be the next Sole Survivor.
Team: John Fincher
John Fincher claims ?winning? is his favorite hobby, and because of that he should have no problem playing the game of SURVIVOR. Although, John also believes his good looks and charm will help even out his aggressive personality, especially with the ladies, he also will not apologize living a privileged life and claims that he will party his way around the world with his winnings.
Team: Kelly Sharbaugh
A free-spirit with an edgy twist, Kelly prefers to take life as it comes and embrace the unknown. With a highly addicting and sociable personality, Kelly is certain she will stand out in the game of SURVIVOR.
Team: Laura Morett
When Laura is not spending time with her family, working out or riding her Harley, this conservative Christian is running the lobby message center at the Oregon State Capitol building for over 400 lobbyists. Determined and competitive, Laura freely admits that she wants to win SURVIVOR for the money but in doing so claims that she would never do anything to compromise her faith to get it.
Team: Monica Padilla
Monica Padilla is the first in her family to not only complete her undergraduate degree but also obtain a Juris Doctor.Much like Parvati and Amanda (from SURVIVOR: MICRONESIA), she plans to be as ?sweet as pie,? while subtly using the ?flirt card,? in order to come off as endearing rather than overbearing.
Team: Russell Swan
At 5?11? and 220 ?semi-solid? pounds, this attorney spends his working hours suing companies and individuals who violate environmental laws.Always prepared to joke and laugh at himself, Russell is willing to go to drastic lengths for a million dollars in order to win including making a vow to cut off his dreadlocks if he wins the title of sole SURVIVOR.
Team: Shannon Waters
Shannon Waters is proud to be the first female Marine Sergeant to play the game of SURVIVOR. Although she has completed her military service and is now in the world of sales, Shannon will always remain true to her roots as a second generation Marine.
Team: Yasmin Giles
Yasmin Giles is nicknamed ?Sassy Yassy? and is ready to show everybody how she got this moniker. An opinionated motor mouth from the Motor City, she always speaks her mind. A firm believer in the mantra ?winners never quit and quitters never win,? Yasmin claims she?s a winner and she?ll never quit SURVIVOR.

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